The Good Egg: Live a Successful Life With Mindfulness

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Good morning and Happy Thursday! Today’s newsletter continues to discuss finding “success” in life.

Many of us believe that if we’re constantly busy, we’ll have fulfilling lives. We need to always be working toward a goal to improve our status in the world.

The problem is, if we are always busy, we are not thinking about the present moment. Instead, we’re thinking about the past or the future, and missing out on wonderful moments happening in the present. So how can we get ourselves to slow down and fully enjoy the amazing lives we have?

I read this article, and enjoyed the writer’s “10 mindfulness hacks to live a more successful life.” Here they are:

1. Change your phone background to just the word “breathe”. This word will serve as a constant reminder to take a moment to breathe.

2. Set a reminder on your phone. This reminder tells your brain to stop its constant thinking and focus on the present moment. Ask yourself, what’s happening currently in your brain, your body, and your surroundings?

3. Change your email signature to “with gratitude”. We all send tons of emails every day. By writing “with gratitude”, it’s a subtle reminder to be more mindful of that email, to take a step back, and become more aware of the present moment.

4. When eating, just eat, when drinking, just drink. This does not happen often. Usually, eating and drinking revolve around conversation or checking phones. Try to take one meal or snack a day to be mindful. Sit in silence, don’t look at your phone, and just be in the moment. Take in each bite and each sip mindfully.

5. If you feel your stress or anxiety increase, take 3 deep breaths. 3 deep breaths will calm your nervous system and relax your mind.

6. Look at the rooftops. I really like this idea. “The rooftops are where the architects are able to showcase their creativity and artistic touch.” Take a moment when you go for a walk or run, or heading to the office, to look up. Notice how much you miss on a day-to-day basis by looking forward every day. Take that moment to soak up your surroundings and appreciate the world around you.

7. This person could die tonight. Super dark, I know. But it’s an interesting concept. Imagine this when you speak with someone. Will you appreciate them more in that moment? Would you be a better listener? What do you notice about this person? These thoughts help you become more mindful of the conversation.

8. Appreciation. Practicing gratitude reduces anxiety and depression. Find those small moments that you would normally miss or dismiss. Feel that gratitude and appreciation.

9. Mindful Driving. Have you ever taken a drive where you end up at your destination and can’t remember how you got there? Next time you drive, try mindful driving. Feel your hands on the wheel, your feet on the pedals or the floor, use the lights on the road to remind you to be present.

10. Smile. I can’t stress this enough! “Even faking or forcing a smile reduces stress and makes you happier.” That smile reminds you to be in the present moment and to take in all that is good in the world.

I hope you incorporate these ideas in your life. Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful tool. Try some of these ideas out and see what happens!

-The Good Egg 🐣

My goal with “The Good Egg” is to spread happiness by sharing health and wellness tips written with positivity and humor. We could all use a smile these days :)