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Happy Friday! You made it to another Friday and another wonderful weekend! I recently discovered some really interesting sleep apps that can help you monitor and make effective changes to your sleep habits.

SleepScore: Allows you to set up sleep goals and gives you action steps to achieve each goal. Provides sleep-stage data that is more in-depth than other apps. It also contains a smart alarm that helps you wake up feeling less groggy. The free version tracks your sleep for seven days and gives you general advice. For $6 a month you can get more detailed information about your sleep patterns. It works well with most iPhones but has difficulty with Android phones. New York Times Wirecutter

Sleep Cycle: Based on the New York Times article, this app is their second choice to SleepScore. However, I’ve had recommendations from family members, and looking through the website, they have some really fascinating facts! You get general sleep trend information and a smart alarm to reduce grogginess in the morning. The free version tracks your sleep for however long you want! The premium version gives you more information about your sleep and provides more alarm options. New York Times Wirecutter

Whoop: For those of you who live active lives and don’t mind spending a few bucks — this is the fitness (and sleep) tracker for you! Whoop is both a fitness tracker and an app. It tracks your daily life through the wrist band and shows data on the app. It’s $30 a month or you can choose the 18 month option for $18 dollars a month. The band is waterproof and has a 5 day battery life. The app gives information on your recovery, training, and sleep patterns (daily as well as a monthly summary-see image below). It also tells you how much sleep you need and how to align it to your circadian rhythm (“the natural cycle of physical, mental, and behavior changes that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle”) National Cancer Institute

Some Fitbits and Apple Watches also track sleep. Click on those links to see how! We all deserve good quality sleep. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back on Monday!

-The Good Egg 🐣



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