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4 min readMay 11, 2020

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re talking about passions…which most of us have been wondering about our whole lives (including me). What is your passion in life? It’s okay to have no clue. Find out by trying new things and exploring areas you are interested in. Trying and failing.- yes, LOTS of failing.

Enjoy Life Education is a program which educates people to become positive leaders, high performers, and the best versions of themselves. Evren and Tara are some of the most positive and entertaining people I have ever met.

Click here or the picture below for a quick lesson on “Investing in Passions”. To catch the happy bug, and to be truly inspired, check out their Instagram.

So, I challenge you….

Today’s Challenge

Try 1 new thing a day. It could be taking a new route when driving, walking, or running. It could be trying a new food or recipe, or learning a new language. Focus on challenging yourself each day to expand your horizons. Start out small, within areas you already know you enjoy, or try something completely new. The world is your egg!

So my new thing is to learn a little french each day. I have recently mastered “I would like red wine.” Once I know “where is the bathroom?”, I think I’ll be good to go in Paris!

Wobble Wednesday

Speaking of trying something new, why not try a yoga class and turn yourself into a tiny pretzel?

Today, I am highlighting someone who has followed her passion. Betta Entwistle is a 250 hour certified Yoga Instructor, certified Health Coach, and has one of the best attitudes out there (probably because she’s done so many hours of yoga). She’s one of those people who does handstands for fun, so you know she’s legit.

“As a tennis player and marathon runner, I was constantly pulling muscles and having to go to physical therapy. Once I found yoga, I realized how important it is to incorporate bodyweight strength and flexibility into my routine.”

The Benefits of Yoga

Can decrease stress

Relieves anxiety

May reduce inflammation

Could improve heart health

Improves quality of life

May fight depression

Could reduce chronic pain

Could promote sleep quality

Improves flexibility and balance

Could help improve breathing

May relieve migraines

Promotes healthy eating habits

Can increase strength

Join Betta’s Zoom Classes @ 5:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 7:30am on Wednesdays . You can follow her on Instagram here. I’ll be at her class….trying my best to balance on two feet. Nama-stay-right-where-I am.

All donations go to charitable causes. Saving the world one-legged chair pose at a time.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s newsletter and are motivated to discover your passions. Please complete the survey and share with a friend, if you’d like. We love feedback from our readers :)

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