The Good Egg: Walking

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Happy Friday Good Eggs! To end the week, I thought I’d talk about the importance of walking. Most people think that to get in good shape, you need to follow a consistent, rigorous training routine.

It really doesn’t need to be that hard!

Walking is a great way to burn calories, lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Start walking today, and if you have a fitness tracker, create a goal for 10,000 steps a day. See what that does for your mindset, body, and overall health.

To read about someone’s personal experience with how walking changed his life, check out “How Fit Can You Get From Just Walking” by Graham Isador.

-The Good Egg 🐣



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The Good Egg

My goal with “The Good Egg” is to spread happiness by sharing health and wellness tips written with positivity and humor. We could all use a smile these days :)