The Good Egg: What You GET To Do Today

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Happy Thursday! It’s going to be another great day. I really enjoyed the article, “How To Be Thankful For Your Life By Changing Just One Word” by James Clear (who some of you may remember is the author of the book “Atomic Habits”). Clear discusses something simple that can make a big difference on how you perceive your life.

The main idea: “You don’t have to. You get to.”

We talk a lot about what we “have” to do. But what if we thought about it as what we “get” to do?

The article mentions a man in a wheelchair who says, “I’m not confined to my wheelchair — I am liberated by it. If it wasn’t for my wheelchair, I would be bed-bound and never able to leave my house.” He views his wheelchair as a positive in his life.

We all have to do things, but if we change our perspective, we can feel grateful about so many things each day.

Today’s Challenge

Try to change one of your “have” to do chores into a “get” to do…and see how it goes!

-The Good Egg 🐣

My goal with “The Good Egg” is to spread happiness by sharing health and wellness tips written with positivity and humor. We could all use a smile these days :)